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Richard's Latest CD


The Louisville Project
"Nunemaker's bass clarinet playing here is simply breathtaking...we heartily recommend this CD."
- New Music Connoisseur

Richard Nunemaker's newest release, The Louisville Project is another joint release with Houston's super pianist / composer / producer Paul English that was commissioned by Richard Nunemaker and premiered by Nunemaker in performances in Louisville, Kentucky and Chicago, Illinois with the composers present. This CD was recorded in Louisville, Kentucky immediately following performance on the campus of the University of Louisville features the music of M. William Karlins, Jody Rockmaker, Marc Satterwhite and Meira Warshauer.

CDs are $15.00
which includes shipping.

50th Anniversary


Ana, Polly
  • Ana, Polly
    Ana, Polly
  • Ann Chadwick
    Ann Chadwick
  • Ann, Isabelle
    Ann, Isabelle
  • Ann, Linda
    Ann, Linda
  • Ann, Ron
    Ann, Ron
  • At The Bar
    At The Bar
  • Barbara, Julia, Lynda
    Barbara, Julia, Lynda
  • Bee, Lynda, Joyce
    Bee, Lynda, Joyce
  • Beverly, Webb, Joya, Cheri
    Beverly, Webb, Joya, Cheri
  • Big Brothers & Sisters
    Big Brothers & Sisters
  • Blowin'
  • Brad, Roger
    Brad, Roger
  • Bride And Groom
    Bride And Groom
  • Charlie, Katheriine, David Schaider
    Charlie, Katheriine, David Schaider
  • Chris, Dick, Webb
    Chris, Dick, Webb
  • Dick And Lynda
    Dick And Lynda
  • Dick, Joya
    Dick, Joya
  • Doug, Gene Webb
    Doug, Gene Webb
  • Frank
  • Gladys, Flor, Shwan
    Gladys, Flor, Shwan
  • Go Man, Go!
    Go Man, Go!
  • Holy Shit!  50 Years!!
    Holy Shit! 50 Years!!
  • Isabelle, Dan
    Isabelle, Dan
  • Jackie, Cindy, Ronnie
    Jackie, Cindy, Ronnie
  • Jay, Susan
    Jay, Susan
  • Joe LoCascio
    Joe LoCascio
  • Julia, Dick
    Julia, Dick
  • Julia, Lynda
    Julia, Lynda
  • Julie, Joya, Cheri, Barbara
    Julie, Joya, Cheri, Barbara
  • Linda Gardner
    Linda Gardner
  • Linda, David
    Linda, David
  • Linda, David, #2
    Linda, David, #2
  • Lorie, Don, Betsy
    Lorie, Don, Betsy
  • Love
  • Love #2
    Love #2
  • Lynda, Dick, John
    Lynda, Dick, John
  • Lynn, Jeff
    Lynn, Jeff
  • MMmm
  • Oh Yeah
    Oh Yeah
  • Olive, Hsin-Jung, Randy, Marc
    Olive, Hsin-Jung, Randy, Marc
  • Ooo La La
    Ooo La La
  • Party
  • Perkins Clan
    Perkins Clan
  • Polly, Julia
    Polly, Julia
  • Robin, June, Ron
    Robin, June, Ron
  • Steven, Pat, Bill, Debbie
    Steven, Pat, Bill, Debbie
  • The Band #1
    The Band #1
  • The Band #2
    The Band #2
  • The Band With Dick
    The Band With Dick
  • The Cake
    The Cake
  • The Family
    The Family
  • The Family #2
    The Family #2
  • The Family #3
    The Family #3
  • The Family #4
    The Family #4
  • Family #5
    Family #5
  • The Family #6
    The Family #6
  • The Jam -- Steve,Warren, Thomas, Dick
    The Jam -- Steve,Warren, Thomas, Dick
  • The Jam #2
    The Jam #2
  • The Jam #3
    The Jam #3
  • The Jam #4
    The Jam #4
  • The Jam #5
    The Jam #5
  • The Nearness #3
    The Nearness #3
  • The Show
    The Show
  • The Show #2
    The Show #2
  • The Show #3
    The Show #3
  • The Show #4
    The Show #4
  • The Show #5
    The Show #5
  • The Show #6
    The Show #6
  • Thomas Helton
    Thomas Helton
  • Thomas, David
    Thomas, David
  • Tom, Julia
    Tom, Julia
  • Tom
  • Too Much Fun
    Too Much Fun
  • Tutti
  • Uh Oh
    Uh Oh
  • Warren Sneed
    Warren Sneed
  • Yowza!
  • Yummmm

Ana, Polly


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